Phoenix Speedskating Club “PHXSSC” Short Track Speedskating

We are the Phoenix Speedskating Club! Join us  at the Ice Den Chandler & Ice Den Scottsdale. 

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Inaugural “Saguaro Classic” Short Track Race October 19, 2019; Ice Den Scottsdale

Cool down this summer, join our speedskating sessions!

Summer Session Rates

NOTE: The Ice Den increased the Skater Ice fee from $15 to $18 if not paid by the 25th of the previous month. To keep the summer prices the same for our skaters, we lowered the price of the speed pass by $3 per session for June. Register between June 15th and June 25th to get skater ice for $15 per session in July. Those who paid previously will received a refund for the difference. The Drop-in Rate remains $15 per session. 

  • Speed Pass I: Chandler - $90 for 9 sessions + $18 per session through Ice Den Skater Ice Chandler
  • Speed Pass I: Scottsdale - $90 for 9 sessions + $18 per session through Ice Den Skater Ice
  • Speed Pass II: Chandler & Scottsdale - $160 for 18 sessions + $18 per session through Ice Den Skater Ice & Skater Ice Chandler
  • No Pass (Drop-in Rate) - $15 per session + $18 per session through Ice Den Skater Ice or Skater Ice Chandler

Please use the PayPal link below or bring a check for your Speed Pass no later than the first speedskating session of the summer, starting the week of June 1st.

SKATER ICE REGISTRATION: You must also register for each session you attend on Ice Den's Skater Ice Scottsdale and Skater Ice Chandler by 5:00 pm the day before each skate session.

US SPEEDSKATING MEMBERSHIP: As always, every skater must have a valid US Speedskating Membership. Join or Renew your membership at

Speed Pass I: Chandler OR Scottsdale


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Enjoy 9 sessions of Summer Speedskating at either Ice Den Chandler or Ice Den Scottsdale. Speed Pass I is good for the same rink all summer. Separate Skater Ice fee of $18 required for each session attended.

Speed Pass II: Two Rinks


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Enjoy all 18 sessions of Summer Speedskating at both Ice Den Chandler and Ice Den Scottsdale. Speed Pass II is good for both rinks all summer. Separate Skate Ice fee of $18 required for each session attended. 

Short Track Speedskating

Arizona Speedskating

The Phoenix Speedskating Club, “PHXSSC”, recognized nationally, was introduced to the greater Phoenix area in 2016. Our mission, offer the best opportunity for growth and safety to all in short track speed skating in the region.    

  • PHXSSC is the ONLY Certified Team U.S.A US Speedskating Club in Arizona,  
  • PHXSSC is the only a 501(c)(3) Speedskating Organization in the region. 
  • PHXSSC has three coaches, which by  U.S. Speedskating rules, are all certified by US Speedskating as "Certified Coaches" providing education about speedskating, coaching techniques to all skaters of all abilities, and promoting the sport in Phoenix and greater Phoenix areas. A group inspired by US Speedskating and the legacy of speedskating, committed to growing our sport, developing character through our shared values, and achieving national & international competitive success on ice.
  • PHXSSC offers two sessions per week, including dry-land off-ice training sessions, nutrition,  and performance mindset !
  • Sessions are offered both at the IceDen-Chandler and IceDen-Scottsdale   
  • Both rinks have 111-meter markings, a distance used for state, national, international, and Special Olympics competition.  
  • Approved high level crash pads on the ice for your safety  
  • FAQ:I have to have experience with speed skating to join your club? Not at all.  Everybody has to start somewhere!  Talk to us and take advantage of our four "try it" sessions before making a commitment.  

The PHXSSC welcomes tax-deductible contributions made throughout the year on behalf of individuals, families, corporations, organizations, foundations, charities, and trusts. Contributions are used to purchase skating and protective equipment for the Club, subsidize ice time fees for needy skaters, and cover expenses associated with our various programs and events.

Behind the scenes

Adrienne Gilby - President 

Caroline Shafer - VP

Cathy Ji - Treasurer 

Rick Olson - Secretary 

Ron van Ommeren - Boardmember at Large  

Ian Baranski - Boardmember at Large 


Rick Olson - Head Coach 

Ron van Ommeren  - Assistant Head Coach

Michael Simmons   - Assistant Coach

Got a Need for Speed? Join us on the Ice at an Upcoming Session!

Our "Certified"  coaches are here to help you reach your technique, strength, and precision goals! 

Upcoming Speedskating Schedule


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We are excited to bring the sport of speedskating to Arizona. We are an all ages and all abilities group of short track skaters and welcome new skaters!

Check the link below for our dates and times for IceDen Chandler Public Speedskating Sessions! Pay online one day prior for a discount!!!    

 Required Equipment: Helmet/Gloves/Knee Pads/Shin guards /Long Sports socks (recommended: eye protection & cut resistant socks)   

Phoenix Speedskating Club

2875 W Ray Rd, Chandler, Arizona 85224, United States

(480) 275-8565

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PHXSSC is a 501(c)(3) looking for Grants and Sponsors to help acquire loaner equipment for kids in our community to be a part our novel sport

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